Early Intervention Team

Do you have a student who would benefit from extra support?

Student success can be hindered by many issues: physical and mental health, personal problems, substance abuse, and finances.

If you have a student who could benefit from additional support, call the Early Intervention Team (EIT).  We will provide support and coordinate the necessary resources to get the student back on track.


Angie Reams                                                       Mirra Anson
Office of the Dean of Students                          Academic Support and Retention 
319-335-1162                                                       319-335-1497   

Early Intervention Team Members

Jane Caton, Threat Assessment Team

Katherine Donahue, University Counseling Service

Diane Hauser, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Maureen Schafer, Academic Advising Center

Greg Thompson, University Housing and Dining

Cayla Wencl, Center for Diversity and Enrichment 

Reports and Publications

Current Summary Statistics and Information Fall 2014
Annual Report AY 2013-2014