Code of Student Life and Student Judicial Procedure Revision

Dear UI community, 

The Division of Student Life is reviewing and revising the Code of Student Life and Student Judicial Procedure. The process will help ensure that students clearly understand the behavioral standards set in the code and can effectively navigate the disciplinary process.

A committee co-chaired by Nikki Hodous and Angela Ibrahim-Olin in the Office of the Dean of Students will oversee the review and revision. Work will commence in February 2018 and conclude by August 1, 2018.

The committee will seek input from the campus community, and I encourage you to offer feedback to help implement a revision that best supports and meets student needs. The complete charge and feedback form can be found below. A monthly work status update with specific calls for feedback will be provided beginning February 1.

For additional information see for the current Code of Student and for the current Student Judicial Procedure.


Melissa Shivers
Vice President for Student Life

Provide feedback

Background and Charge:

The University of Iowa Code of Student Life and accompanying student judicial procedures, have undergone periodic updates and revisions, but not a comprehensive review and revision process for some time. The current review and revision process is being undertaken to ensure that the Code and procedures are meeting current needs and are delivered in a manner that students understand expectations and are able to effectively navigate the disciplinary process.


Dr. Melissa Shivers, Vice President for Student Life is the project sponsor. Dr. Shivers will communicate the process to campus constituents and will receive and approve any final recommendations, in consultation with students, faculty, and staff members, as appropriate. 


The process will commence in February, 2018 with stakeholder communications, and should conclude by August 1, 2018, in order to provide stakeholders with adequate time to provide feedback on final recommendations.

In order to keep key stakeholders up-to-date and enable timely input, a monthly work status update with specific calls for feedback, will be provide beginning February 1, 2018 to the following offices and entities:

  • Registrar’s Office
  • General Counsel
  • Threat Assessment Team
  • Academic Support & Retention
  • University Housing & Dining
  • University Counseling Service
  • Student Health & Wellness
  • Strategic Communication
  • Shared Governance Groups

Deliverables definition:Deliverables are the work product resulting from recommendations.


The final deliverables are:

1. A written document including the recommended changes to the Code of Student Life.

2. A written document outlining the proposed changes in student judicial processes, including proposed document templates.

3. A stakeholder analysis detailing the various audiences for communication about the Code of Student Life, including recommended communication channels, frequency, and messages.


  • Co-Chair: Nikki Hodous, Office of the Dean of Students
  • Co-Chair: Angela Ibrahim-Olin, Office of the Dean of Students

Committee Members (Proposed):

  • Andy Kutcher, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership
  • Nate Levin, Office of the General Counsel
  • Mike Mueller, University Housing & Dining
  • Representative, UISG
  • Representative, GPSG
  • Alyssa Pomponio, Office of the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator
  • Project Manager: Sarah Hansen, Office of the Vice President for Student Life


Please submit your feedback below. Provide your name and email address if you would like a response.