The Civil Protest and Public Demonstration Support Team (DST) is comprised of Division of Student Life staff members, Campus Inclusion Team members, shared governance leaders, UI department representatives, and Public Safety officials trained to interact with students and community members during campus civil protests or public demonstrations. 

University of Iowa departments, units, and organizations composing the DST include:

  • Association of Campus Ministers
  • Campus Events Committee
  • Center for Diversity & Enrichment (CDE)
  • Facilities Management
  • Iowa Memorial Union
  • Leadership & Engagement (FSL, LSCE, SECP)
  • Multicultural and International Student Support and Engagement (MISSE)
  • Office of the Associate Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Office of the Dean of Students (DOS)
  • Office of Strategic Communication
  • Residence Education
  • Shared Governance Organizations (USG, GPSG, Faculty Senate, Staff Council)
  • University Counseling Service (UCS)
  • UI Public Safety
  • Women’s Resource & Action Center (WRAC)

The group is co-chaired by the Vice President for External Relations & Senior Advisor to the President and the Associate Vice President (AVP) for Student Life & Dean of Students (DOS). They oversee the group’s training, communication, and scheduling.

When a member of the community becomes aware of an organized/planned civil protest or public demonstration, scheduled to occur on campus, they should contact the DST co-chairs, to provide as many details as possible about the planned event.  

The co-chairs will use information gathered from staff members, social media, and UI Public Safety to determine needed staffing for the event.  For most events, two to three DST members will attend. 

For events with 500 or more expected participants, a large DST presence is expected.

The DST role at protests and demonstrations is to observe, remain vigilant for actions that might endanger the safety of students and those involved, or bring harm to University property or assets, and intervene as necessary. 

DST members will speak with students and demonstrators, sharing their purpose for attending and answering questions or concerns.  

 If you have questions related to the Demonstration Support Team please contact