4 Ways to Have a Fantastic Spring Semester

A new semester means another chance to make your experience at Iowa great! Check out these 4 ways you can make spring semester the best one yet.

Join a student organization!

Meet new people and try new things! Generally, student organizations take new members at any point during the year, not just in the fall! See a club that interests you? Grab a friend and try it out! You can find a complete list of UI student orgs hereStudent orgs make your experience at Iowa more enjoyable. We've got everything from the vegan society to astronomy club to the College Diabetes Network at Iowa!

Experience Iowa City!

Your college experience will without a doubt be better if you feel like you’re at home here. The best way to achieve that? Get familiar with your surroundings. Check out local restaurants, music, events, and more. Grab some friends and make some memories while you find your way around the city. Don’t know where to begin? Little Village magazine finds some awesome events and posts them to their website.

Get fit!

Exercise not only makes your body strong, but your mind as well. Stay in shape this semester by visiting the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (CRWC) here you’ll find cardio machines, lifting equipment, basketball courts, and so much more. If you need group motivation, try one of the group fitness classes that are FREE for students. Everything from zumba to yoga to kettlebells is available. Find the group fitness schedule here

Explore services available to you!

Classes can get stressful sometimes! Don’t be afraid to reach out if you need help with anything. Iowa has an amazing array of tutoring options available to any student on any budget and schedule. Private tutors, small group tutors, supplemental instruction, and help labs are all available to help you do better in all of your classes. There is a tutoring option out there for everyone! You can go to https://tutor.uiowa.edu to check out all the different options available, an the find one that works best for you. Other university resources to explore include:

  • Student Care and Assistance

  • Student Legal Services

  • University Counseling Services

  • Women’s Resource and Action Network


Photo courtesy of the University of Iowa

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