How to participate in the 2018 election

 The U.S. general elections will take place on November 6. Are you registered to vote? Do you know where and how you are going to vote? Read on to learn the ins and outs of being a responsible citizen. 

Voting in Iowa City

To vote in Iowa, you must be a U.S. citizen, and Iowa resident, and at least 18 years old on election day. There are multiple ways you can register to vote in Iowa, and you can register up until election day on November 6. If you think you are registered to vote in Iowa, you can double check here: Students should register with their dorm/school address in Iowa City.

  • If this is your first time voting, or you want to change your registration to be able to vote in Johnson County, you can register online (note: to register online, you must have a valid Iowa drivers license or state ID). The link to register online is:

  • To register via paper form, fill out this registration form: voteapp.pdf. Mail it or bring it in person to the county auditor’s office. Their address is as follows:  

  • You can also register in person at the auditor’s office during regular business hours, 7:45 - 5:30, M-F.

  • If necessary, you can register to vote on election day. Go to your polling place, and be sure to bring proof of residence and proof of ID. Learn more about election day registration here:

  • You can also register online on MyUI, by clicking on Register to Vote under Student Involvement and Support.

Note: you need to update your registration if your address, name, or party affiliation has changed since the last time you voted.

What if I want to vote at home?

College students have the option of registering to vote in their home state/county. If you wish to vote in your home county, you must get an absentee ballot or travel to your home county on election day to vote. This is true for other counties in Iowa, as well as counties in other states. If you want to get an absentee ballot, contact your county’s election authority. Use this tool to find your local election office:

What do I do on election day?

Vote! Election day is Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Polls in Johnson County will be open from 7am until 9 pm. To find your polling place on election day, search here:

Do I need to bring identification?

During the 2018 election, voters will be asked to bring a form of ID to be able to vote. If you aren’t able to bring an ID, voters will be asked to sign an oath of identity instead. Make it easy on yourself and bring an ID!

Can I vote early?

Yes! Early voting is available in Johnson County up until election day. You can vote early in the auditor’s office, or by getting an absentee ballot. Early voting is also occasionally available at other convenient locations around the county.

Who will I be voting for?

In the 2018 general election, candidates on the ballot will include U.S. Representatives and various state and county offices. For a full list of Johnson county candidates, look here: dept_auditor_elections.aspx. If you aren’t voting in Johnson county, your local county office will likely have a list of candidates.

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