Meet your RA: Jocelyn Roof

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Being a resident assistant is one of the most popular, beneficial jobs on campus. Applicants go through a selective process, and are trained to prepare them for anything that could happen. Below, read about an RA and why they love what they do!

About Jocelyn Roof

Jocelyn is a second year student studying political science and sociology. This year is her first year as a resident assistant, in the Currier east 200s. In addition to being an RA, she is also a UISG governmental relations and internal affairs committee chair. Her hometown is Waterloo, Iowa.

Why she decided to become an RA

Jocelyn wanted to help students ease the transition between high school and college. Coming to Iowa can be scary, she says, and she wants to be a source of comfort for her floor, and a resource people can feel safe around.

Why she likes being an RA

Jocelyn likes that you get to build relationships and feel like you are making a difference in the lives of students. The first year experience can shape a student’s years at Iowa, and she enjoys being a part of that experience from the first day students step on campus.

Skills she has learned

Jocelyn says you learn how to function in different settings. As an RA, flexibility, adaptability, and readiness are key. She says you also have to learn to rely on other people, especially the other RAs in your building. You won’t always know the answer, so you have to learn how to find someone who does.

Standout Memory

“A few weeks ago I co-hosted a s'more-making event with a fellow RA and a bunch of my residents came with their own speaker and we had a little party in the Currier courtyard. It was honestly the best, and they brought me a card too!”

Advice to future freshmen

“My advice to freshmen moving into the residence halls is to soak it all in! It's a very unique living experience and if you choose to keep your door open and engage with your floor-mates, you can find some of your best friends in the whole world.”

Why would you recommend this job to someone else?

“If you want to make a positive impact on students, build relationships, and serve as a resource for students, this is for you. If you love to meet and talk to new people, you’ll love being an RA!”

The resident assistant application for the 2019-2020 school year opens November 1. Follow this link to apply:

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