Meet your RA: Johnny Malicoat

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Being a resident assistant is one of the most popular, beneficial jobs on campus. Applicants go through a selective process, and go through training to prepare them for anything that could happen. Below, read about an RA and why they love what they do!

About Johnny Malicoat

Johnny is a third year student studying biochemistry, microbiology, psychology, and chemistry. This is his second year as a resident assistant, on the 10th floor of Petersen Hall. In addition to being an RA, Johnny is on the executive board of MEDICUS, and works a pediatric urology research lab. His hometown is Ottumwa, Iowa.

Why he decided to become an RA

Johnny says he was very close with his RA freshman year in Slater Hall. As a first generation college student, he didn’t know what the college experience would be like. But talking with his RA helped ease the transition. Johnny says he wanted to be that for other students, helping them adjust and giving them a person to talk to.  

Why he likes being an RA

There are so many benefits to being an RA, he says. You get to build a solid network on campus, and help people who need a boost while transitioning to college. He says he likes that people look to him as a resource, and that he can build solid relationships with the students on his floor. Johnny says he has also become best friends with other RAs in his building, both this year and last year.

Skills he has learned

You learn to be open to all different types of opinions, without having conflict, he says. Johnny says you learn lots of communication skills, as well as how to be professional and hold yourself to a high standard.

 Standout memory

“The one that sticks out to me the most is when I was on call over the course of winter break. I chose to stay in Slater Residence Hall for a good chunk of winter break and we happened to receive 8 inches of snow. Due to that, I could not order food (easily) and eventually ended up running out of food. Luckily, someone was in the building and helped me get food for my last day but that day will always be imprinted in my mind.”

 Advice for future freshmen

For incoming freshman moving into the residence halls, my biggest piece of advice would be to embrace new opportunities. One thing that helped me transition to the University of Iowa was being open to new opportunities to be involved and participate in things I did not do in high school. Additionally, I always suggest keeping your door open, as it invites other individuals on the floor to come in and engage in a conversation.”

 Why he’d recommend the job

 “It gives you a new experience! And it opens your eyes to alot. You meet so many people, and you get to see them grow from being scared to start school to succeeding academically and becoming great.”

The resident assistant application for the 2019-2020 school year opens November 1. Follow this link to apply:

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