Substance abuse recovery service available since spring 2018

The Division of Student Life, along with various partners, created the University of Iowa Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) in spring of 2018 to provide a supportive network of services and educational opportunities to meet students at any stage in their recovery from substance abuse and addiction. 

Every year, some students who arrive on campus are either already in recovery from substance addiction, trying to begin their recovery process, or come from a background of substance addiction and desire to be supportive of those in recovery and CRP aims to help those students achieve academic and personal success, free from addiction.

CRP provides an environment that is supportive of the therapeutic and educational needs of students in all phases of recovery and support through community building, social and academic support, substance-free activities, advocacy, outreach, and creating greater opportunities to access resources and services available on campus. CRP is inclusive of all UI students seeking to recover from addictive behaviors and values the personal dignity of each member. CRP is made up of several programs and groups.

Success, Not Excess Support Group

This support group provides a safe and supportive space for students who want to make or are considering making changes in their alcohol and other drug use.  The group emphasizes success in academics, relationships, mental and physical health, and other goals through sustaining or reducing alcohol and other drug use.

Strength in Numbers

This new student organization strives to promote social activities and events without alcohol and other drugs.  Strength in Numbers provides students with a welcoming community and fun activities without the encouragement of alcohol and other drugs. Events include socials and community service opportunities.

Campus Recovery Center (CRC)

The CRC is a space located in the Iowa Memorial Union that welcomes students questioning their relationship with alcohol and other drugs, provides a place to relax and study while on campus, and offers a recovery positive environment where students can get support from other students either in or considering recovery.

CRP applied for and was awarded startup funding through the national Transforming Youth Recovery Grant and is sponsored by a partnership between Student Health & Wellness (SHW), University Counseling Services (UCS), University of Iowa Student Government (UISG), and the Office of the Vice President for Student Life (VPSL). Learn more about the Collegiate Recovery Program on this website.