Tips on staying happy and healthy over the last week of winter break

Winter break is a fun and exciting time. Students get to go home and see their families and take a brain break from school for a bit. However, the transition from living on your own to living at home again can be stressful for some. Adjusting to a new environment can sometimes make you throw your old habits to the wind, even the good ones. Prioritizing mental and physical health over this last week of break will help you ensure you are ready for the new semester!

Below, check out some of the resources available to you over winter break, and make sure you come back to school feeling your best!

Hit the gym!

For students who found themselves staying in Iowa City for break, the CRWC is still open! You can find all the regular amenities the CRWC has to offer, including free group fitness classes every day. For students who go home, many gyms offer options that allow you to pay and go for one day. Don’t get out of the routine you worked so hard to get into during this last semester, keep it up!

Vent it out

If you are struggling to adjust to your new life at home, don’t keep it bottled up. Talk to a loved one about what you’re experiencing or why you are struggling. Going back to living at home can be difficult for many when you’re used to so much freedom at school. Whatever situation you’re living in, know that it’s not permanent. If you are staying in Iowa City, you can call University Counseling Service to schedule an appointment to talk with someone. If your needs are more urgent, you can call the Johnson County Crisis Line at (319) 351-0140.

Get a checkup!

Get sick over break? Don’t let your cold ruin your fun! Make sure you see a doctor if you’re feeling ill. Many drug stores have minute clinics that are easily accessible and covered by insurance. If you’re in Iowa City, Student Health is open 8am - 4:30pm M-Th & 9:15am - 4:30pm F. Remember--it’s never too late to get your flu shot!

Spend time with those that matter most!

Make your winter break as relaxing enjoyable as it possibly can be, whether that means hanging out with old friends, family, or even just taking time to relax by yourself. Allow yourself to not think about school for this next week, there will be enough time for that next semester. Everyone deserves a brain break every now and then!

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