Tips to help you thrive during midterm season

It’s October, which is the season of haunted houses and Halloween costumes. Unfortunately, it's also the season for midterms, which can be stressful and difficult to study for. Don't be scared, we’ve put together a list of study tips that may be helpful, especially for first-year students who may be new to college exams.

Plan out your studying in advance

Creating a study schedule can be useful, especially if you have multiple exams you need to prepare for. Carve out a chunk of time every day to study, and stick to it. Study hard during that time, and afterwards, relax. For example, write out in your planner that you’ll be studying from 7-10 pm. That way, you don’t have to think about studying at all before 7 pm, and you can begin to unwind right when 10 pm hits.

Motivate yourself by creating rewards

Find something you will look forward to and make it a reward for doing a certain amount of work. For example, get a bag of your favorite candy, and let yourself have one piece for every page you read. Or, let yourself watch one episode of your favorite show for every two hours that you study.

Find a partner or group to study with

Studying in a group can be very effective. More minds are better than one! Odds are, if you don’t know something, someone else does. When choosing someone to study with, pick someone you won’t get distracted with. Even if you are best friends with your roommate, your study session might not be the most productive. Ask the stranger who sits next to you in lecture or discussion if they’d be willing to meet up and study.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

As important as your grades are, nothing is worth sacrificing your mental health. After you are done studying, take some time to do something you love. Read a book, exercise, cook, talk with friends, or get some extra sleep. Know that while midterms can be stressful, they don’t define you.

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