Note: These policies are from the 2015-2016 academic year. Some policies that reside on other websites have not been archived.
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Residence Hall Judicial System 

In order to maintain an environment conducive to learning, all students who enter the residence halls- residents as well as non-residents-are expected to observe conduct regulations listed in the Residence Halls Guidebook. Staff members are trained to confront students accused of misconduct and, if found guilty, hold them accountable for their actions. Complaint adjudication procedures provide that students accused of misconduct receive notice of the violation and an opportunity to respond.

Violation of residence hall and dining policies are heard through a system that has different levels of adjudication depending on the nature and seriousness of the infraction. Hall coordinators are authorized to investigate minor offenses committed by residents and impose educational sanctions. Complaints alleging serious misconduct warranting contract cancellation are adjudicated by an area coordinator, a director or an assistant director in University Housing & Dining, or the dean of students. Complaints of residence hall misconduct filed against students who do not live in the residence halls are handled under the Code of Student Life (i.e., through the Office of the Dean of Students). 

Case Referral
Residence hall staff may refer a complaint to the Office of the Dean of Students for consideration under the Code of Student Life and the Student Judicial Procedure. Under these procedures, sanctions that may be imposed upon students range from a Disciplinary Warning to Expulsion. Students found responsible of aggravated assault, sexual abuse, selling drugs, intentionally setting a fire or tampering with fire equipment, or threatening another with a gun or other dangerous weapon in the residence halls are ordinarily suspended or expelled from the University.

A resident whose housing contract has been canceled by University Housing & Dining for discplinary reasons may appeal the decision to the Dean of Students as outlined in the University Housing Guidebook.