Note: These policies are from the 2015-2016 academic year. Some policies that reside on other websites have not been archived.
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  1. The Pentacrest
    1. General Policy. The Pentacrest is that area of the campus bounded by Clinton Street on the east, Washington Street on the south, Madison Street on the west, and Jefferson Street on the north. The Old Capitol, at the center of the Pentacrest, and adjacent buildings are dedicated to educational and administrative pursuits. In addition, the Old Capitol is a museum and national historic landmark. The University of Iowa permits eligible groups to sponsor events on the Pentacrest as long as those events are conducted under reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions promulgated by University departments. Furthermore, instructors may conduct classes on the grounds of the Pentacrest as long as reservations have been made with the Vice President for Student Life, 249 Iowa Memorial Union.
    2. Use by Eligible Groups. Subject to these rules, all applicable University regulations, and to the requirements of the regular University program, recognized student organizations and other University groups which are eligible to use University facilities may reserve the Pentacrest for public meetings, rallies, teach-ins, convocations, and other authorized events and activities. Eligible groups must, however, receive permission from IMU Guest and Event Services, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership, and the Vice President for Student Life prior to using the Pentacrest as set forth in section V-37.5 of the University Operations Manual. Event Registration Forms and specific information about University regulations governing events on campus can be obtained from IMU Guest and Event Services in Room 145 of the Iowa Memorial Union.
    3. Casual Use. Individual students and other persons may use the Pentacrest for any casual and reasonable use at all reasonable times. Casual use means any spontaneous and unorganized use for which there is not prior promotion, solicitation, or purposeful attempt to attract or solicit the public in the course of such use. Casual users shall not duly interfere with the use of the Pentacrest by authorized groups or unreasonably disturb or disrupt persons in adjacent buildings, and such users are expected not to damage or destroy any property, including the grass or shrubbery, or to cause any litter or other nuisance. Casual users are not permitted to use any electronic sound amplification system or equipment. Access to any entrance of the Old Capitol or any of the academic buildings nearby may not be obstructed at any time.
    4. Equipment. Camping is strictly prohibited, and no tent, hut, table, platform, vehicle, booth, kiosk, or similar object or structure shall be placed or erected on the Pentacrest except as expressly approved by the Vice President for Student Life in connection with an authorized group event or activity. No sign, banner, slogan, symbol, display, or other similar device shall be painted, affixed, erected, or installed on the Pentacrest except as expressly approved by the Vice President in unusual and compelling circumstances.

      This prohibition does not apply to the distribution of leaflets to individuals nor to the carrying of picket signs or placards by individuals. Upon request of the organization that has reserved the Pentacrest, the University will provide, at a nominal fee, a flatbed stage and sound amplification system. Any unauthorized use of electronic sound amplification equipment on the Pentacrest is prohibited.
    5. Hours of Use. Casual use of the Pentacrest is normally permitted at any time, except as specifically prohibited or restricted. Scheduled use is normally restricted to the hours of 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily (midnight on Friday and Saturday nights). Sound amplification, music, and other uses which might disturb persons in adjacent buildings is prohibited during normal working and class hours except between 12:20 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. and after 4:20 p.m. daily. The Vice President for Student Life may temporarily restrict use of the Pentacrest to accommodate unforeseen requirements of the regular University program not anticipated by this policy.
  2. Kautz Plaza
    1. General. The use of Kautz Plaza as a public forum for speech, assembly, and petition is encouraged by the University. The policy governing the use of the Pentacrest shall apply to the use of that area known as Kautz Plaza with the following additions.
    2. Definition. Kautz Plaza is the elevated concrete area north of Jefferson Street and south of Market Street bounded by Calvin Hall to the south, Iowa Memorial Union Parking Ramp to the west, Trowbridge Hall to the north, with T. Anne Cleary Walkway (formerly North Capitol Street), John Pappajohn Business Building, and Gilmore Hall to the east. The T. Anne Cleary Walkway is not deemed part of the plaza, for purposes of this policy.
    3. Sale of Goods / Solicitation. Sale of goods or solicitations involving money is prohibited with the exception of the Iowa Memorial Union Food Cart or special events that may be approved on an annual basis as part of a traditional event.
    4. Number of Events / Tables. More than one event at a time may be scheduled on the plaza. The number of events permitted simultaneously will be the decision of the Vice President for Student Life. Tables may not be placed in the walkway area between the general curb lines.
  3. Hubbard Park
    1. Definition. Hubbard Park is the green space west of Madison Street and north of Iowa Avenue. The space is bounded by the railroad tracks and the Iowa River on the west, the Iowa Memorial Union driveway to the north, Madison Street to the east, and Iowa Avenue to the south. Danforth Chapel is not deemed a part of the park.
    2. Requests for Use. Eligible groups can request use of Hubbard Park by contacting Iowa Memorial Union Guest and Event Services. Space on the Park is reserved for classes during academic sessions on Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    3. Sale of Goods/Solicitation. All policies governing the sale of goods in the IMU and solicitation by student organizations are applicable to events and activities on Hubbard Park.
    4. Noise Policy. Depending upon the time of the day and the day of the week in which the park is reserved, an eligible group may be restricted from using electronic sound amplification equipment.