The Office of Student Accountability is dedicated to encouraging responsible community behavior, educating UI students, and facilitating accountability in situations where violations of the Code of Student Life have occurred.

When incidents happen, primarily on campus, and UI students are involved, our office is the main university entity that works with students to resolve disciplinary matters. We also ensure that students receive fair treatment in all hearings. Students, faculty and staff who believe there has been a violation can contact the Office of Student Accountability to discuss options available for reporting incidents to the appropriate authorities. Office staff can assist victims of assault or harassment by a University student, and they can also direct you to educational programs on a variety of related topics.

The Office of Student Accountability is located in 203 Iowa Memorial Union and can be reached by phone at 319-335-1527 or email at

Code of Student Life

In order to maintain a safe campus where students can meet the IOWA Challenge, the University of Iowa has adopted the Code of Student Life. The Code of Student Life sets forth standards of student behavior and conduct necessary for the maintenance of a campus where ideas are freely exchanged, University property and processes are safeguarded, and conflicts are peacefully resolved.

Accountability Procedure

The University of Iowa’s Accountability Procedure is designed to provide a process to investigate and resolve alleged violations of University policies by students. The student misconduct system is not a substitute for the civil or criminal court system.

Responsible Action Protocol

A student who calls for or seeks emergency assistance on his/her own behalf or on behalf of a student experiencing an alcohol or other drug related emergency will not, in most cases, be subject to status sanctions such as disciplinary probation or suspension under the Code of Student Life.

Dean Clearance Letters

The Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) and Office of Student Accountability provides reference letters upon request to undergraduate students wishing to transfer from the University of Iowa to another institution.