The Dean of Students (DOS) Graduation Support Program provides financial assistance for commencement apparel and materials to students experiencing a financial hardship and unable to afford to participate in commencement ceremonies at the University of Iowa. The program will provide funding for eligible students – undergraduate, graduate, and professional – for the costs of commencement apparel and materials through the Iowa Hawk Shop.

Eligibility for the program

  • need to be currently enrolled at the University of Iowa and approved for graduation in the current semester
  • must have a financial hardship preventing them from purchasing and participating in commencement ceremonies
  • must be able to demonstrate their current financial need
  • must fully complete the application and all questions set forth

Apply for the program

Students can apply for the DOS Graduation Support Program by submitting an application via this form. For May commencements, applications open in early March. For December commencements, applications open in early October. 

Apply now

Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 319-335-1162 or regarding any questions or to find out more about the application process.

* Please note that Graduate College students are expected to use Herff Jones for rentals or purchasing of graduation apparel. The Graduation Support Program will still apply either reimbursing the rental fees or up to the total amount of the purchase had it been made through the Iowa Hawk Shop.