Call 911 from any phone for 24 hour law enforcement assistance.

24 hour assistance

Sexual misconduct reporting

Absence notices

  • In case of illness, death in the family, hospitalization, or other please feel free to fill out the absence form found here or contact Student Care and Assistance at 319-335-1162 or

Questions about judicial procedure

  • For questions related to on-campus student accountability or addressing student behavioral concerns, contact the Office of Student Accountability.
  • For questions related to criminal, civil, or other non-UI judicial procedures, students should contact Student Legal Services.

Code of Student Life

Ask a question or report a concern

Campus support resources

As a reminder, if you need support or experience concerns, please reach out to your personal support systems or the university resources and supports available to assist you. Below is a list of a select few resources that may be able to assist no matter the challenge or concern: