The Office of the Dean of Students handles requests from faculty and staff for student assistance and referral for a range of issues impacting students. With this in mind, we created the Quick Guide for Helping Students.

The Guide is available in online or printable PDF formats:

Our goal is to make it as easy-to-use as possible for faculty and staff who would not have had some of the specialized training you may have in assisting students. 

University Counseling Service

University Counseling Service offers psychological services and outreach that fosters the mental health of students, nurtures student success, and contributes to a safe and welcoming campus community.  University Counseling Service is available free to enrolled students and offers a variety of counseling services and approaches to best assist students in need. The University Counseling Service can be reached at 319-335-7294.

Student Care & Assistance

Student Care & Assistance in the Office of the Dean of Students works to foster student learning experiences that support academic and personal development and success. When students encounter emergency or crisis situations, such as prolonged illness, hospitalization, a death in the family, or other incidents, that impact their ability to participate academically and socially on campus -- we are here to help.

Student Care & Assistance coordinates efforts among campus partners to assist students in accessing resources, overcoming challenges, and getting back on the path to success. Student Care & Assistance can be reached at 319-335-1162.

Quick Guide - Scenarios

Assisting Emotionally Troubled Students

Assisting Victims of Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, or Stalking

Laws and Codes

Master Resource List

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