Mandatory Student Fees Policy

Mandatory Student Fees at the University of Iowa (revised March 2011)

Students enrolled at the University of Iowa are assessed tuition based on their program of study. Most students are also assessed mandatory fees that help pay for the facilities and services available to them. Mandatory fees are not based on an individual’s use of facilities or services. The list below describes the various mandatory fees in effect for UI students.  The complete version of the mandatory fee policy, which includes a list of exempted categories, can be found at:

 The technology fee supports instructional computing demands by providing financial support to improve the quality and quantity of student computing resources (facilities, equipment, and services) and library and other information sources.

The student health service fee is assessed to students enrolled for more than four (4) semester hours in a session. This fee allows a student access to the SHS to see a doctor with no office visit charge as many times during the semester as they need. This fee also covers health promotion services including fitness assessments, nutrition counseling, etcPatients who have been assessed the student health fee still must pay for lab tests, supplies, physicals, immunizations, procedures (such as wart removal) and other costs.

The student activity, student services, and student union fees provide funding to support the multitude of activities (student organizations/activities; partnership of student governments) and services (Cambus/Bionic Bus; Daily Iowan) available to UI students, both on and off campus.

The building fee contributes to funding for certain construction projects on the UI campus.

The arts and cultural events fee supports cultural events and performances on campus that are free to students. The fee also subsidizes some of the cost of student admission to any ticketed event produced by the Division of Performing Arts. (Students are admitted at a reduced price.)

The recreation fee supports the operation and maintenance of Recreational Services facilities on the UI campus, including the new Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (CRWC), as well as programmatic offerings of Recreational Services. The establishment of the fee was essential for the construction of the CRWC and is used to help pay the debt service on the facility. Beginning with the fall 2010 semester, a Recreational Services membership is required to access all recreation facilities on campus, including the CRWC, Field House, Hawkeye Tennis & Recreation Complex (HTRC), Fitness East and Recreation Building. A Recreational Services membership is included in the recreation fee. Once inside the facilities, most activities, including swimming, fitness, rock climbing, racquetball, basketball, volleyball, and Group Exercise classes are included with the membership. Beyond access to all recreation facilities on campus, members also receive discounts on program registration (including Lesson Programs, Rowing, Tennis Programs, Aquatics and Adventure Trips), and reduced tennis court fees.

The career services fee is assessed to undergraduate UI students. The University of Iowa Pomerantz Career Center is a world-class facility with a national reputation for excellence. The Center directly serves more than 20,000 students from the Henry B. Tippie College of Business, the College of Engineering, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The services provided are centralized and comprehensive. The administration of the Center is organized into seven distinct but integrated areas. For more information, visit Career Center web site at

The professional enhancement fee is charged to all enrolled students enrolled in the Graduate College. The Graduate College offers many professional enhancement opportunities, including: Professional Development Workshops/Programs; Scholarly Integrity; Sponsored Programs – Grant Writing; and the Jakobsen Conference/Forum.

Appeal Process

A student who will not be on campus during the entire session may apply for a mandatory fee waiver.  A student eligible for a mandatory fee exemption must submit an appeal form to the Office of the University Registrar. The form is posted at Appeal requests will not be accepted after the last day of classes of the academic term.

Student Government Activity Fee Refund/Reallocation

Each semester students pay a Student Activity Fee. A portion of the Student Activity Fee is allocated to General Student Organizations. The University has determined that its mission is served if students have the means to engage in dynamic discussions of philosophical, religious, scientific, social and political subjects in their extracurricular campus life.

Registered students may request a refund or reallocate the portion of the fee allocated to General Student Organizations.  A request for a refund will be credited on the student's University Bill each semester, while a request for reallocation will be designated to a campus-wide service chosen each year by the student governments. To avoid automatic allocation for the 2011-12 academic year, request forms must be submitted to the University Billing Office, Room 5 Calvin Hall no later than September 23. Requests for a one semester refund/reallocation will not be allowed except for new students registering for second semester only who submit a request form by February 14.  Additional information is available from the University of Iowa Student Government, 260 IMU, 335-3859.

  1. Student Rights

    1. Student Bill of Rights
    2. Policies Related to Student Rights and Responsibilities
    3. Student Records Policy
    4. Student Complaints Concerning Faculty Actions
    5. Student Complaints Concerning Actions By Teaching Assistants
    6. University Policy on Human Rights
    7. Office of the University Ombudsperson
    8. University Policy on Sexual Harassment
    9. University Policy on Consensual Relationships Involving Students
    10. University Policy on Anti-Harassment
    11. Student Employee Grievance Procedure
    12. Complaints of Discrimination
    13. Disability Protection Policy
    14. Anti-Retaliation Policy
    15. Statement of Religious Diversity and the University Calendar
    16. Sexual Misconduct Involving Students, including Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment
      1. Sanctioning Guidelines for Sexual Assault
  2. Student Responsibilities

    1. Code of Student Life (2017-2018 academic year) 
    2. Student Judicial Procedure (2017-2018 academic year)
    3. Academic Misconduct
    4. Policy Regarding Use of Illegal Drugs and Alcohol
      1. Responsible Action Protocol
      2. Minimum Sanctions for Violations of the University Alcohol and Drug Policies
    5. Uniform Rules of Personal Conduct at Universities Under the Jurisdiction of the State Board of Regent
    6. Judicial Procedure for Alleged Violations of the Regents’ Rules of Personal Conduct
    7. Legal Assistance for Students
    8. Use of Campus Outdoor Areas
    9. Campus Policy on Violence 
    10. Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
    11. Frequently Asked Questions about Code of Student Life
    12. Flowchart for Student Judicial Procedure
  3. Student Organizations 

    1. Registration of Student Organizations
    2. Administration of Student Organizations
    3. Discipline of Registered Student Organizations
  4. Miscellaneous

    1. Registration of Student Automobiles
    2. Lost & Found
    3. Reporting Correct Residential Address and E-mail Address
    4. Mandatory Student Fees Policy
    5. Voter Registration
    6. Picture Student Identification
    7. Graduation Rate
    8. Critical Mentoring and Student Support (Critical MASS)
    9. Federal Student Aid Penalties for Illegal Drug Convictions
    10. Annual Reports
    11. Dean Clearance Letters
  5. Campus Crime Policies & Statistics

    1. Department of Public Safety
    2. Safety & Respect
  6. Tables                                                                                          

    1. Controlled Substances - Uses & Effects
    2. Federal Tracking Penalties - Marijuana and Penalties for Possession 
    3. Penalties under Iowa Law for Manufacturing, Delivering, Possessing with the Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance, a Counterfeit Substance or a Simulated Controlled Substance 
    4. Summary of Penalties for Various Offense Categories 

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